Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Life in Madrid has been great so far. Other than feeling like a freshman at orientation, I've really enjoyed what I've been experiencing. I LOVE Spanish food. I don't know half of what I eat, but it tastes good, so I'll keep eating it. Tomorrow marks the first day of class, which means the 'study' of my study abroad begins. So far, orientation has included most of what it did at Wake along with a few added meetings on Spanish culture. It wasn't my favorite experience, but it did end with an excursion to Aranjuez, a small town just just south of Madrid. The city used to be a spring retreat for the King of Spain, with a palace surround by a number of gardens. Sadly, I left my camera at the appartment and was unable to get some pictures of the scenic area. Overall, it was a good trip and I got a quick nap on the bus ride home. God has really been providing for me as well. He has placed me into a program that has multiple resources that encourage spiritual growth, whether it be small groups, church references, or retreats. It's been amazing to see God begin answering my prayers in the first few days in Madrid.

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